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True love history

The Problem of Man's Choice
in Search оf True Love

(Conversations with poets)

Undoubtful facts speak of a high development of science and culture accompanied by the increase of information and constant changes of theories and advices, that can confuse man's right chоice. Mankind has an enormous potential of spiritual forces that should be awakened and directed into the right path of self-realization. Man's responsibility also becomes greater – how to assimilate and realize the spiritual flow of information flooding the world in the end of the century.
In the process of self-realization we have to get a higher qualification to find out the way to true love and life. Many enlightened minds look for the synthesis and co-operation of different cultures to reveal the answers to the everlasting questions ― Where are we from? Why are we here? What do we do for our happiness? In this co-operation the creative process can be free and can bring unique fruits. In this sense literary art can show us the man's natural desire for beauty, love and happiness that has surpassed the limitations of man's environment and has reached cosmic dimensions.
Having in mind the prophetic function of art, literary works outline the past, present and future and point out valuable truths that we can realize in our life.
All philosophical and religious paths strive for the salvation of human civilization. But modern times ask for a higher realization and responsibility that traditional systems have failed to fulfil. Here we can mention about the role of people in art – how they can give expression to the impetus of time and show the way to a higher cultural education.
Тhe aim of the presented lyrical reflections has different aspects. Basically they are orientated to a new approach to analysis of a literary piece with a much deeper understanding of the meaning of life and the role of man as a central figure in history. Having received the freedom to reach high spiritual dimensions of universal values, we are able to connect with authors' different paths throughout different periods of history.
The most direct way to eternity is centered on heart and it has the potential of true love. In order to reach it we have to pass through the storm of life teaching us to create our garden of roses – the lost garden of Eden, that man has forgotten.
We have entered the new millennium knocking at the door of every "temple" man has created. It аsks us to strive for our happiness.

By the Author



In the dark night of my ignorance
I saw a light – vaguely showing the way
I was looking for – so blind
with a searching hand.
‘Where was that guide?’,
I asked myself in anxiety –
And fear seized me in the night.

‘ Please, I want to see you.
Do you understand?Tell me soon.
I have to choose, please give me
Some sign, some guidance how to do..’

In the dark night of my worries
I saw a faint light – it gave me
no answer and in despair I looked
around to see a smile –

He was looking at me
with open smiling eyes,
and I heard a voice ,
‘Don't you see,
he is the door to your light! ‘

And I looked at him in surprise,
but I chose to give my hand
and to set off on the empty road
with him – to the welcoming land.


‘Why should we part? ‘,
I asked...all in tears.
And in deep distress I wonder,
“ Who has stolen all my hopes?
Who has stolen my dreams
about life ahead?

It seems your love has been
left away on the stony path of faith.”
“Have we lost it, for I don’t believe,
it has gone so easy and forever.”

“My love was alive till yesterday,
I think, we could stop it on our way
to let the anger out, kept in silence.
And let’s tell sincerely the feelings,
we had hidden without any reason.’

‘Yes, I’ve got to know you were ready
to accept what I wanted you to say.
And I also believe that you can swallow
the words of pain and anguish. ‘

By Rumayana Russeva



Do you love roses?
They waft a charming fragrance
selfless as they are — and give us joy
with tender colours, forms and beauty,
asking nothing from the world.

They were born to carry love,
with eternal silent sacrifice…
And in a friendly whisper
they are telling us,
‘ Come! Take from my scent !’
And nod their little buds.

They obey all the seasons –
spring and summer, autumn, winter;
for the roses are the ones who carry love,
without asking anything from us...

The Rose

To William Butler Yeats*

Quietly the rose, all red, is lolling
its head above and is speaking
tender words of love –
A red rose with the perfume
of a lonely known path —

The path of struggle and a fateful fight
with the evil powers of dreadful nights.
The rose ‘s scent is calling us
to give the victory of love
and the joyful song of heaven’s mirth.

I see the rose of my spirit smiles —
The sun is kissing heavens with light;
What will happen, if I willingly
deny my eager eyes
to see the beauty in your noble heart?

*William Butler Yeats — а famous Irish poet and dramatist, a Nobel prize laureate,1923.


Standing brightly in the fields,
looking merrily at me,
yellow daffodils are playing 
they try quietly to tell me :

‘Come and see.
We want you happier to be!
And all the flowers in the fields
are friendly waiting to be picked.!’

I stretch my arm to take
the scent of their heads in hand –
the fragrance of the day,
when they will give delight
to my beloved or a waiting lad.

And they ask me once again,
‘ Are you lonely?
Have you got a friend? ’

(Poetry by Rumyana Russeva)