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Do you love roses?
They waft a charming fragrance
selfless as they are — and give us joy
with tender colours, forms and beauty,
asking nothing from the world.

They were born to carry love,
with eternal silent sacrifice…
And in a friendly whisper
they are telling us,
‘ Come! Take from my scent !’
And nod their little buds.

They obey all the seasons –
spring and summer, autumn, winter;
for the roses are the ones who carry love,
without asking anything from us...

The Rose

To William Butler Yeats*

Quietly the rose, all red, is lolling
its head above and is speaking
tender words of love –
A red rose with the perfume
of a lonely known path —

The path of struggle and a fateful fight
with the evil powers of dreadful nights.
The rose ‘s scent is calling us
to give the victory of love
and the joyful song of heaven’s mirth.

I see the rose of my spirit smiles —
The sun is kissing heavens with light;
What will happen, if I willingly
deny my eager eyes
to see the beauty in your noble heart?

*William Butler Yeats — а famous Irish poet and dramatist, a Nobel prize laureate,1923.


Standing brightly in the fields,
looking merrily at me,
yellow daffodils are playing 
they try quietly to tell me :

‘Come and see.
We want you happier to be!
And all the flowers in the fields
are friendly waiting to be picked.!’

I stretch my arm to take
the scent of their heads in hand –
the fragrance of the day,
when they will give delight
to my beloved or a waiting lad.

And they ask me once again,
‘ Are you lonely?
Have you got a friend? ’

(Poetry by Rumyana Russeva)

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