понеделник, 5 март 2012 г.



In the dark night of my ignorance
I saw a light – vaguely showing the way
I was looking for – so blind
with a searching hand.
‘Where was that guide?’,
I asked myself in anxiety –
And fear seized me in the night.

‘ Please, I want to see you.
Do you understand?Tell me soon.
I have to choose, please give me
Some sign, some guidance how to do..’

In the dark night of my worries
I saw a faint light – it gave me
no answer and in despair I looked
around to see a smile –

He was looking at me
with open smiling eyes,
and I heard a voice ,
‘Don't you see,
he is the door to your light! ‘

And I looked at him in surprise,
but I chose to give my hand
and to set off on the empty road
with him – to the welcoming land.


‘Why should we part? ‘,
I asked...all in tears.
And in deep distress I wonder,
“ Who has stolen all my hopes?
Who has stolen my dreams
about life ahead?

It seems your love has been
left away on the stony path of faith.”
“Have we lost it, for I don’t believe,
it has gone so easy and forever.”

“My love was alive till yesterday,
I think, we could stop it on our way
to let the anger out, kept in silence.
And let’s tell sincerely the feelings,
we had hidden without any reason.’

‘Yes, I’ve got to know you were ready
to accept what I wanted you to say.
And I also believe that you can swallow
the words of pain and anguish. ‘

By Rumayana Russeva

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