неделя, 18 юли 2010 г.

From "Pieces of soul" (V. Kamburov)

Doubts and Suffering

Only one thing I want of you -
Mercy for tortured soul of mine.
the need of you coming to
Me, I am trying to combine

Less to frighten you by my call -
And wrongly to understand it -
'Cause word "love" meets in you wall...
you may say angry words. with

A cry you will run fast away,
and my heart heavy wounded
would walk alone on its life-way.
my strivings
easy could be stopped

With rejection or ugly word
Leving me as a beaten bird...


Your Presence

You'll stay for ever in my sleep!
no matter you like me or not...
My Love is yours - extremely hot,
full of admire, strong and deep.

My life is nothing if you're missed!
Your eyes, your voice, your lips, your breast...
for thoughts of mine are their nest,
No matter how the life me twist.

O, tenderness, endless and still;
I dream to be near and near -
My prime, lasting and final will...

I' lll dream for you till I'am alive!
even the days I have to strive...

16th of October,

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