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The Ocean of Love (Rumyana Russeva)


The little poetry book called “The Ocean of Love” is basically concerned with our travelling to the original land – that original purity of the human soul , before deviating from the original plan of its evolution to perfection and its unity with the Creator.
The poems have been arranged in three parts reminding the three stages of growth – innocent childhood, the moment of the hurt and downtrodden original innocence , then, the suffering and the appearance of love till the everlasting youth.
The circular movement of natural life has been suffocated by the broken glasses of cold, fear and cruelty. The magic land of confusion and chaos should be conquered by sincere strife for happiness and harmony. Children’s hearts can turn the world of adults into the garden of Eden, where mankind find its innocence and its original self. The path of true love is open to find its realization.

In conversation
with Bulgarian poet Nikola Vapcarov


What have you given me oh, past?
Some remnants, I don’t know what….-
a bare, shameless flesh of a whore –
a pathless sinner of wars?

Or you will stay for ever
in the pains of giving birth ,
but without any fruit –
as it is in the desert -

You will stay, I want to say ,
like a dried-up fig- tree –
a lonely one in the desert;
or you are to blame
and innocent as well,,
waiting for the Judgment.

What is your wisdom? –
For untruthful paths,
All veiled in secret,
expecting punishment
and vengeance?
No, I don’t want it!
I’d like you to have gone=

So, that I could be a fruit unripe
of an oak-tree with roots –
very powerful,.
And to breath air fresh –
renewed and purified
like children – innocent and pure –
little roses white..

To set off on a long quest,
streaming in the light of Truth

Rumyana Russeva

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