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Petar Dunov (Spiritual Master)

The Woman
Source of Love and Life

by Beinsa Duno (Petar Dunov)

Women do not know themselves yet. therefore, the first requirement is for women to come to know themselves.
Tell me what distinguishes one woman from another? If I compare two women, both of them will have the same desires: one wants to get married, and the other one too; one wants to have nice meals, to be dressed well, the other - the same. all their desires are the same.All their desires are the same. There is no difference, noting in particular: one and the same life exists in all homes. And now, why do all women not unite? In this way, they can uplift their spirit. If all women unite, they can very easily uplift their spirit. but at the moment, each one says, "I want to be the first!" This weak side of yours resembles the story I have told you at other times as well. A German prince visits Denmark. It was planned that he would be welcomed in a theatre, and 12 of the most beautiful women were selected for that purpose. And from them, only one would be chosen to offer him a bouquet of flowers as a welcoming gesture. It had been decided to put this to a vote, but 12 ballots with 12 different bames were found in the box; each one of you votes for herself. And today, each one of you votes for herself in Christ's box, and as a result, there is no one to offer the bouquet. When the box is opened, there are as many names inside that many woman exist. Each person wants to be the first. But in the fulfillment of the Divine Will, only God is the first. He is the Beginning and so we cannot be the first. The One who creates things; He is the first.

Today the Spirit of Truth needs to come, and through Him , Salvation will occur. I do not ask you to start confronting your men when you go home. there is no reason to lash them out.
you need to look with a candle for the true man. you need to search for him until you find him.
Have read "The Sons of Songs?" Many have read it and say:" This is how to enjoy life!" _ you need to comprehend the deep - the intrinsic - meaning, and not in a human way, but in the Divine. And why am I not revealing secrets to you?Where is you man? When you come to me, I will tell you," Let your man come with you as well!!" But now, you come only as women without men. How can a woman be without a man? The Scriptures says:A wpman cannot be without a man, and a man cannot be without a woman. Both are with Christ. The woman when she comes - she wants to experience love with her man. but it must be: you, your man, and one more - the third One. Love can exist only among three people. do you know that? your man and you will come to me, and only thah can we begin loving one another. This is how the Scritures understand the meaning of things'...*( p.10-12)

* Here the Teacher refers to God's presence in one's love. Coming to their Spiritual Master as a representative of God' heart and parental care, he can give blessing to the couple to marry and then guide them in spiritual marriage.

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