четвъртък, 8 юли 2010 г.

The Rose (Rumyana Russeva)

The Rose

Quietly the rose all red is lolling
its head above and is speaking
words of love –
A red rose with the perfume
of a lonely path -
The path of struggle and distress
to fight the evil and to win the blessed.

I see the rose of my spirit smiles
The sun is kissing heavens with light;
What if you tell me to sacrifice
my eyes and surrender to the beauty
I have seen inside, deep in your heart.


Standing brightly in the fields,
Looking merrily at me,
yellow daffodils are watching me.
They try to tell me quietly:
- Come and see. All the flowers
in the fields, are friendly waiting
to get picked.!
and I take in hand the flowers,
smelling so nice in the day,
they will give delight
to a beloved or friend:
And they ask me again:
-Are you lonely?
Have you got a girlfriend?

A Crocus

It was a little one –
a very tiny flower in the sun –
an yellow spot shining brightly,
smiling lightly – the crocus
in the grass,
Where a cricket sings
the song of joyful spring at last.

A joyful spring singing songs
is being waited by all of us,
Flowers and merry birds,
welcome it in great delight.

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